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Marketing your business isn't a job for greenhorns.

I have been in the business of promoting enterprises, destinations, non-profits, people, products and services for more than three decades .

Marketing Process - Call it "FAZE"

Faze is a good approach if you're uncertain of the route you wish to take. FAZE can be modified to just apply to a singular project, for instance a new website, or can be expanded more into a full marketing strategy that includes competitor analysis.

  • Focus
    In the Focus portion we need to understand what you wish to achieve and what is the approximate budget. Then together we concentrate on defining the core selling principals about your product or service. How are you better and different from current or future competition? Generally, how can we best leverage your limited resources for marketing and advertising in order to best meet your objectives?  What kind of budget and cost range is the scope of the effort?

  • Analyze
    You have to ask some questions before you run off!   What do we know about the prospective market and what don’t we know that we really need to find out?  Where do prospective customers come from?  Where should they come from?  Major companies need to use market research and focus groups before they do an expensive product launch.  But frankly for smaller enterprises, it can be as easy as using practical strategies like talking to your customers and friends and doing some web research.

  • Zing
    Zing begins when you take the strategy and you put on your customer cap and go creative!  I feel this process is iterative, in other words it may take a few back and forth concepts at first to get it right. Right is that it fits the image the client wants to project while likely to attract prospective customers. This is also where we begin to establish branding. This critical aspect of marketing is all about creating a consistent look, sound and feel in all of your communications and customer touch-points. Branding should reflect the personality of you and your business. 

  • Execute
    No, not where we shoot the client because they've changed their mind over and over again. It's not necessary due to the earlier Focus and Analyze! Here we choose the best media and format.  We focus on finding the most cost-effective print sources or getting up online…all while getting the job done on time and budget.

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