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Valerie Watters

Valerie's Furniture & Accents

To whom it may concern,
It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Jane Babineaux. I can use one word to describe her work...brilliant! 

Please  feel free to look for my advertisements in major magazines throughout the southwest and nation and you will soon recognize my brand.  She did that. Her creative mind never ceases to amaze me. I've been in business over twenty years and have worked with many wonderful, talented marketing personnel.  But my relationship with Jane has catapulted me to fame!

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, I would guarantee greater success if you hire Jane in any capacity.

Dave Wales

Carpathia Hosting, Inc.


I was marketing a company called Advanced Refrigeration Technologies which is a small motor that slows the speed of walk-in cooler fans to save money on energy consumption.

I asked Jane to help me with a marketing concept and what does she do, she gives this product a personality and even a name (Art). Furthermore, her one page marketing slick paints the picture of a tireless workhorse who requires no benefits from its employers. When she actually included a picture of “Art” sitting on a lawn chair in front of the pool, sipping a margarita and wearing sunglasses, I was floored. In my mind this product was much too technical for a concept like this. I was wrong.

This is where Jane stands out amongst any other marketers in her field. She took this small metal electrical appliance and turned it into a personality that was much easier to relate to for my high-end hospitality clients. She made the steak sizzle in a way I had not anticipated in our initial creative conversations and the end result were new client acquisitions such as the Hilton and the Hyatt Chains, Four Seasons, Outrigger Resorts Hawaii and many others.

If you would like to hear more about why you should be working with Jane on your next venture, please feel free to contact me and I will tell you."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Bud Morgan

Owner, Dinemation

With a great deal of creativity and a splash of humor, Jane produced for Dinemation a marketing piece that introduced our newly started company to the market.  It was not only successful at the time of launch, but still provides a permanent reminder of my company to clients & potential clients.


Andria K. Burke, MAI
Burke Weissenborn LLC


When we started our new business, we needed a marketing plan.  Jane helped us with a logo, business cards, report covers and announcements – the whole package. Jane designed a logo for us that captured both our company name and the type of work we do in an eye-catching way.  I constantly get kudos on our business cards for being a little different – they get noticed!  From the start, Jane prompted us on how to market our company effectively and professionally. We are very pleased with the service she continues to provide and I never hesitate to recommend her company!


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